Zenith CH701:

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- About the Parasol

- Rivets

- Fuselage

Alternative Engines:

- Subaru EA81

- Suzuki Spirit 5000

    - Mikuni Fuel Pump

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  Fuselage - Parasol

The aluminum angle fuselage of the Parasol is unique.  It's very strong and easy to make and there's no welding.

The fuselage is riveted together and it's on its gear.  The cabanes and tail group are under contemplation...

Here's another look with my son at the controls.  Well, I guess I need to build some controls anyway.

The firewall is 26 gauge galvanized steel bent over an MDF form


There are a couple of details I want to point out:

For the landing gear I made up a steel bracket to fasten the bungee strut to the cluster.  I didn't like the idea of drilling a hole through the head of a bolt and using tangs.  Here, the wheel bolt passes through the bracket.
The tailwheel is an industrial caster attached to a piece of a trailer spring.  Tony Bingelis was right - you can drill spring steel with a masonry bit and bend it in your vise with a 2x4 for leverage.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
Because of the angles of the bottom longerons the landing gear attach points are not in plane.  This is how to fix it.  I made these brackets to lower the pivot point so it will swivel properly along with the main gear.  When it's all assembled it is amazing how strong the gear actually is!
The seat is a recycled chair mounted to heavy duty drawer slides.  It is ground-adjustable by loosening the black knob on each side and repositioning it.

There's a lot more to come of course.  I enjoy thinking through each step and weighing alternatives.  Some of
my alternatives had to be discarded because they weighed too much...  Remember to build light!