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I started construction of my CH 701 by taking part in the Rudder Workshop at Flypass Ltd, near Kitchener, Ontario. 

Rudder Workshop Progress - Day 1Flypass is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Zenith Aircraft, and they run a weekend workshop on aircraft sheet metal work.  I highly recommend that you consider taking part in the workshop if you're going to take up this madness.

In the two days that I attended the workshop I learned many tricks and tips that will help speed the building process.  Things actually move along quite quickly.  This picture shows my progress at the end of the first day; the rudder skeleton is complete and I'm well into drilling the rear skin.

There were about 6 people that attended the workshop.  It was wonderful to spend time with people who are as interested in building as I am.

The thumbnails below show details of the rudder assembly.  If you click on a thumbnail a larger image will open in a separate window.

Rudder Kit Parts Here are the rudder kit parts for the skeleton Laying Out Rib Stations The first step is to lay out the rib stations
Trial Fit of the Ribs This is a trial fit of the ribs Skeleton Clecoed Together The whole skeleton clecoed together
Riveting Ribs in Place Zinc chromate is applied and the ribs are riveted in place Skeleton The skeleton is complete
Drilling Rear Skin The rear skin is laid out and drilled (both sides at once) Match Drilling Ribs The skin is fitted to the skeleton and the ribs match drilled and clecoed
Fitting Front Skin Then the front skin is drilled, fitted to the skeleton and clecoed Complete Rudder The rudder is complete except for pre-cover inspection

CH 701 Tail SectionThis is how it will look once it is installed with the other tail components on the fuselage.   I've got a long way to go before I reach this point in the project!